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We are pleased to offer a wonderful 1 day workshop for couples which will provide educational information based on the work of John Gottman.  These events will help you learn to communication more effectively, resolve disputes, deepen your attachment, and become an exceptional listener.  Check out our events page to register for our November or our February workshop.

We are happy to announce that Larry Green, PhD, LMFT has completed Level 3 Practicum training in Gottman Methods Couples Therapy. The Gottman Method is an evidenced based approach to helping couples improve communication, enhance connection, and manage conflict. The Gottman Method is one of the most effective methods for working the couples.

Gottman Approved Member

As a 501c3, the Gainesville Community Counseling Center relies on the generosity of our donors to help us continue to provide free and low cost services to the uninsured and under-insured in our community. Your donations literally save lives. We appreciate your generosity and commitment to helping your neighbors. Please consider clicking the donation link and making either a one-time or recurring donation. These donations will enable us to reach out even more and to bring mental health services to those who need it but can't afford it.

Our Mission

Gainesville Community Counseling Center is a not-for-profit (501(c)3) mental health agency, providing exceptional counseling and personal development services to individuals of all ages, couples, and families. Our therapists incorporate evidence-based cutting edge tools into their work with clients and every client receives individualized care based on their needs and goals. Our vision is to make our services accessible to the community, which is why we partner with area schools, businesses, churches, and other community organizations to provide professional development trainings, seminars and workshops, as well as counseling groups for students. Gainesville Community Counseling Center empowers people to reach their spiritual, relational and emotional potential through exceptional counseling and personal development services.

Our Vision

Our vision is for all people to access tools to reach their maximum potential, because holistic well-being is the cornerstone of a thriving community.


- Holistic mental health is a tool for achieving social justice
- Valuing cultural differences is essential for well being
- Attending to the trauma of bias and poverty is essential
- A systemic approach to mental health is necessary for overall well-being
- Each client is unique, and that uniqueness is appreciated
- Mental health services should be available for all people


We help you identify your challenges and develop solutions


We help you identify your strengths and build upon those


Our goal is to help you achieve your goals

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GCCC is a 501c3 organization which provides mental health services for a reasonable fee. Some of our providers accept insurance and others are strictly self-pay. We offer sliding scale opportunities for those in need, as well as payment plans.


Clients Served


Hours of Therapy


Client Satisfaction

Helping You Achieve Your Goals


Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Therapy

Group Therapy Topics

Sex Addiction

We offer 8-12 week groups for overcoming sex addiction

Porn Addiction

We offer 8-12 week groups for overcoming porn addiction

DUI Classes

We offer the 1st Time and Repeat DUI courses

Mindfulness and Meditation

We offer various groups for mindfulness and meditation

We Also Offer


Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for many issues we face

Sex Therapy

We work with sexually related concerns, including addictions


We understand the connection between the mind and body

Horticultural Therapy

We will be offering horticultural therapy beginning in 2020

Meet The Clinical Team

Ely Fuentes

Larry Green

Nia Page

Dexter Rogers

Karla Rubio

Sam Rosenblatt

GinaMarie Russo

Devin Shorey

Ashley Waithe

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  • Address: 1001 NE 16th Ave, Gainesville, FL  32601
  • Phone: 352-448-9120
  • Working hours: 9am - 8pm (Mon-Thurs)
  •                               9am - 5pm (Friday)


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