Roma Cheere Mateo

Roma Cheere Mateo, she goes by Roma Cheere (she/her), is an M.Ed, Ed.S Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in the state of Florida. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Florida Atlantic University and recently graduated with her Master’s degree in School Counseling and Guidance in 2021. She has worked in schools of various grade levels from K-12 as an educator in South Florida and as a School Counseling intern in Gainesville. Adding to her internship at schools and enjoying her work with students, individuals, and families, she chose to take a mental health counseling internship at the Alachua County Crisis Center and since then decided to pursue mental health counseling.

Roma Cheere was born in the Philippines and immigrated to South Florida with her family at the age of seven. Her experience growing up in the United States within a Filipino community and going to school with what seemed like the whole world, shaped her view of both the justice and injustices towards marginalized identities.

Roma Cheere has since then worked with persons of diverse countries and identities. She has taught mindfulness in facilitated groups of various ages between K-12 (some oriented towards emotional regulation and literacy), provided counseling for immigrants or new residents in Gainesville, worked with clients on recognizing their spiritual meaning and connection, as well as crisis intervention and trauma-informed counseling across ages.

She has worked with individuals, couples, and families. To place a theory, she utilizes a Relational-Cultural Theory approach along with Focusing and Felt-sense language, as well as inviting emotional literacy (placing a feeling word to a present emotion). She takes a systemic lens of how current context, maybe patterned processing is impacting the person themselves or the group to then maybe invite something fresh and new.

Roma Cheere spends her time outside of counseling reading (fiction books are a recent favorite), watching South Korean movies and dramas, walking outside, ordering something off the menu that she cannot pronounce, and connecting with family and friends.

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